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Ecological civilization construction of Nyingchi City

Source:China Tibet News 2018年10月15日 10:32

Since this year, Nyingchi City has consistently protected the ecological environment and built a beautiful city through scientific planning and various measures.

At present, Nyingchi City has built 4 nature reserves, 3 national forest parks, 3 wetland parks and 1 geological park, accounting for 51.2% of the land area. The ecological monitoring station has been built, and the conservation of biodiversity has achieved remarkable results. Five counties namely Bayi, Mainling, Pome, Zayul and Metok have been listed as national key ecological function areas. From 2013 to 2017, Nyingchi City has invested a total of 334.55 million yuan in the construction of ecological function areas, and continuously carried out ecological compensation in the fields of forests, grassland and wildlife. Promoting the protection and construction of ecological environment has made marked ecological, economic and social benefits.  

The living conditions have been improved comprehensively. Up to now, all the municipal solid waste landfills in Nyingchi City and other counties have been built and put into operation, and the disposal mode of rural household garbage has been gradually improved. In addition, all clinical waste has been effectively treated. The sewage treatment plants of Nyingchi City and Gongbo gyamda County as well as 7 township sewage treatment pilots have been built which has promoted the protection and construction of drinking water sources. Besides, the greening of urban roads and communities has been continuously improved.

Up to now, there are 6 ecological counties, 41 ecological towns and 384 ecological administrative villages in Nyingchi City. On September 18, 2017, Bayi District was successfully awarded the title of "Demonstration County (District) of National Ecological Civilization Construction". 

In the future, Nyingchi City will adhere to the strategy of sustainable and harmonious development to promote the ecological construction by relying on favorable environmental and resource advantages. [Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan]

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