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Qamdo promotes environmental protection

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018年11月23日 12:29

In recent years, Qamdo has actively promoted the conservation and intensive use of natural resources, and strengthened the protection of geological environment, effectively promoting the environmental protection work in the area of land and resources.

A leading group for environmental protection in the field of land and resources and a leading group for the rectification of feedback problems of environmental inspectors are established to give full play to the role of pre-examination of land use. Besides, various land and resources development plans are compiled and completed.

To carry out registration for all kinds of exploration and mining rights, and focus on the construction of green mines, environmental protection in mining development is supervised. Up to now, Qamdo has guided various mining enterprises to invest 25.38 million yuan in restoring 410,000 square meters of vegetation.

In view of the current situation of "scattered, disorderly and small" exploitation of non-metallic sand and stone soil, as well as the problems of extensive processing, unlicensed mining and indiscriminate mining, all mining enterprises involved in nature reserves are notified to stop all exploration and mining activities one by one.

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