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Dalin Village: a beautiful eco-village with green hills

By He Huizhong Source:China Tibet News 2018年11月27日 10:09

Dalin Village of Nyingchi City, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, is located at the entrance of Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, closely next to the Namjagbarwa with flat terrain, wide vision and beautiful scenery. It is a tourist attraction famous for its unique natural scenery with Snow Mountains, canyons and forests.

A person from the village said, “The village is a part of Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, and the protected objects are various vegetation types from semi-humid zone to semiarid area.”

In recent years with the joint efforts of local government and people, the project of rural house reconstruction and ecological construction has been implemented, solar street lights have been installed, and spacious new houses have been built, which improved villagers’ living condition.

Relying on natural resources, ecological and human environment, local ecological tourism has been developed. Besides, with great support of the Mainling County People’s Government, the carders and villagers actively participate in tourism projects to achieve poverty alleviation.

In 2016, Dalin Village vigorously developed the homestay economy, with 5.07 million yuan RMB (about 731200.7846 US dollars) as the support funds from the Nyingchi Municipal Government to build Boutique Inn in the village. The Inn covers an area of about 15 mu (10000㎡), including 15 Boutique rooms, 1 public activity space and 1 independent activity room, providing leisure space for tourists.

Aiming at increasing income of local farmers and herdsmen, as well as protecting ecological environment, Mainling County People’s Government has formulated tourism benefit plan so as to improve the enthusiasm and consciousness of the villagers. At present, 14 star-rated family hotels have been built in the village, including 80 guest rooms and 200 beds. The income of family hotels has increased more than 100,000 yuan RMB (about 14422.1062 US dollars). In enriching tourism products, Dalin Village has established a special cooperative for processing wild products, which has provided working opportunities to local villagers.

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