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Strengthening urban management in Qamdo City

By Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2018-12-21

This year, the Urban Management and Law Enforcement (UMALE) of Qamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has focused on the urban management, and the environmental hygiene status of the areas under its jurisdiction has been changed significantly. UMALE has implemented the work program on creating a healthy city, and assigned tasks to the leading units and responsible units as well as individuals to ensure that all work tasks are completed on time.

Building a civilized city

Theme on “stress civilization, establish new trends”, UMALE has used electronic signs, billboards and enclosing walls to propagandize in public places, such as squares, parks, temples and bus stations. Meanwhile, the behavior of littering around the urban main roads, squares, stations, commercial pedestrian streets and so on has been rectified. Some illegal mobile stalls affecting the traffic, people's lives, and public security have been investigated and punished. In addition, UMALE has also investigated and punished the behavior of parking illegally which occupies sidewalks, greenbelts, and fire engine access.

Building an ecological garden city

According to relevant work requirements, UMALE has trimmed a total of 435 trees around Sanjiang Road, Yingbin Road and Commercial Building of Karub District. Over 5,300 ㎡ of flowers and green plants have been planted. At the same time, UMALE has carried out the plant maintenance work for 4 months, and planted more than 3,700 ㎡ of lawn in Tianjin Square.

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