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Nyingchi's sanitation workers beautify city with hard work

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2020-03-10

There are a group of people who work hard for city beautification. They are city's beauticians -- sanitation workers.

Sanitation workers do clean work in the cold wind from 6 a.m. in Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Over 50-year-old sanitation worker Dachung has been engaged in sanitation work for 6 years. Cleaning the streets is not only a simple occupation for her, but also a glorious one. She says, "Sanitation workers have no idle time all the year round; we are busier during the holidays. Although we are tired with dirty clothes, we are very happy to see the streets becoming clean."

Tenpa, an environmental inspector, has never been absent for many years. He patrols the streets and lanes every day to check the sanitation work. Sometimes, he helps sanitation workers clean the streets voluntarily, contributing his own efforts to improve the quality of environmental sanitation services.

In Nyingchi, there are many sanitation workers like Dachung and Tenpa, who work eight hours a day. On average, each one cleans an area of nearly 2 million m², and transports 80 tons of domestic waste every day. Over the years, they have put all their efforts into environmental cleaning.

According to a worker of the city's Civil Affairs Bureau, in recent years, the city has increased its investment in sanitation infrastructure construction, which increases local people's environmental awareness to some extent. Sanitation work has gradually been institutionalized, specialized and mechanized, effectively enhancing the efficiency of garbage disposal, reducing workers' labor intensity, providing more comfortable working conditions for them, and creating a good living environment for residents.

Paljor Tsering, a resident in Xingfu Community of Nyingchi City, likes to take a walk in nearby park with his friends or family. "Thanks for the sanitation workers' hard work, the environment is very good and clean, no matter near the community or in the park," She says. "In daily life, we should be more conscious, and make joint efforts to build a beautiful and clean hometown."

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