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Tibet to build the Himalayan Mountaineering Cultural Center

By Subrina Zhu Source:China Tibet News 2015年11月02日 17:08


It is reported from the Sports Bureau of China’s Tibet Autonomous Region ( TAR ) that executive meeting of the People’s Government of TAR approved the Suggestion proposed by the People's Government of TAR on the Development of Sports Industry for Promoting Sports Consumption, putting forward the proposal of building the Himalayan Mountaineering Cultural Center.

According to the Suggestion, holding the idea of ecological civilization, Tibet should take opportunities of“One Belt One Road”for developing the sports resources so as to build a service system of sports industry, which enriches market supple and boosts the sports consumption. The Himalayan Mountaineering Cultural Center will be the biggest outdoor sports activity center, promoting the development of sport industry with plateau characteristics for meeting the continually growing demands of people.

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