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Nyingchi altitude training base completed

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016年08月11日 10:18

The Nyingchi altitude training base in Tibet has been completed recently and has passed the  engineering receiving inspection. It may become an important training base for endurance events in China.

Covering an area of over 40 mu, the base is equipped with all kinds of sports training equipment. In addition, corresponding rescue equipment and infrastructure are also readily available. It will provide services for national teams' transfer training, Tibetan sports teams' training, and the development of Tibet's outdoor sport.

A responsible person of the Sports Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region introduces that, the Nyingchi altitude training base has many function areas such as collective training base, communication center, industry incubation park, young outdoor camp and so on. In the future, high level endurance events will be held here.

At an altitude of 2900 meters, Nyingchi has lush forests and its oxygen content is high, so it is fit for the training of endurance events.

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