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Tibet Mountaineering Assembly to be held on Luodui Peak

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016年09月13日 09:54

The 14th Tibet Mountaineering Assembly will be held on the 6000 meters high Luodui Peak for the first time this year.

Previously, the Tibet Mountaineering Assembly is often held on the 6206 meters high Qizi Peak and it has lasted for more than ten years. Tsering Tendar, coach of Tibet Mountaineering Team, introduces that at an altitude of 6010 meters, Luodui Peak's snow ice wallonly exists above 5600 meters. Without particularly steep ice rock and snow slope, Luodui Peak is an ideal place for climbers to initially try the snow mountain adventure.

In addition, skiing event will be held for the first time, which is China's highest skiing activity. Apart from water paraglider, hot-air balloon and other items that have been held previously, more and more outdoor  activities are expected to appear on Tibet Mountaineering Assembly in the future.

Firstly held in 2001, Tibet Mountaineering Assembly now has become a significant event in China's amateur mountaineering field.

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