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Tibet's first taekwondo championship held in Lhasa

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2016年11月30日 11:56

It is reported on Nov. 26 that Tibet's first taekwondo championship supported by Tibet Autonomous Regional Sports Federation and Tibet Taekwondo Association kicked off in Lhasa youth center. A total of 150 players from five teams took part in the taekwondo championship.

According to Wu Ling, a coach of Tibet Taekwondo Association, Lhasa children's taekwondo championship has been held for three consecutive years. However, it is only for students from regional capital Lhasa. The 2016 Tibet's first taekwondo championship opens to the whole region. There are 150 players aging from five to fourteen in this championship. “Tibet's taekwondo championship will be hosted every year. The championship aims at further popularizing taekwondon and attracting more people to participate”, Wu said.

This championship has two divisions -- men's and women's. Men's division is divided into eight classes from below 22 kilograms to over 46 kilograms. Women's division is also divided into eight classes from below 20 kilograms to over 44 kilograms. The referee is the former national taekwondo team's player.

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