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The 3rd "Galsang Flower" square dance competition held in Lhasa

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2016年12月22日 10:50

On No. 30, the 3rd "Galsang Flower" square dance competition organized by Women’s Federation of Tibet Autonomous Region, Sports Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region was held at Lhasa Cultural and Sports Center. 300 square dance fans participated in the competition, aging from 19 to 65.

The 3rd “Galsang Flower" square dance competition aims at pushing forward the construction of healthy Tibet and encouraging women in Tibet to devote themselves into building happy and harmonious Tibet.

31-year-old Chozin, a worker for gang maintenance, signed up for the competition and won the second price. In 2008, recommended by Communications Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, Chozin achieved the "State Social Sports Instructor" certificate through a series of trainings and tests. In September of 2016, she took part in the national social sports instructors' competition held in China's Anhui province and won the gold medal.

At the "Galsang Flower" square dance competition, Chozin and other 15 workers for gang maintenance performed "Square Style" and "Going to the New City Again". “Their performance not only represents Tibet's ethnic characteristics but also shows their work during the development of the city”, Chozin said.

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