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Lhasa: flowers in full bloom

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:xzxw.com 2022-06-22

Recently, people walking in the streets or strolling in the parks of Lhasa City can see colorful flowers in full bloom, which adds beauty to the city.


In order to meet the demand of citizens and tourists for flower viewing, last year, the Gardens Bureau of Lhasa City, following the deployment of Lhasa Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, added green belts and carried out tree replanting work on 19 roads. About 13 plant species for flower viewing such as Malus micromalus, Prunus cistena, Cherry, and Chinese rose were adopted. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of monotonous green plants in Lhasa, species of colored-leaved plants such as Ulmus pumila cv, Ligustrum vicaryi, Cedrus, Euonymus japonicus, and Ligustrun lucidum were selected according to the change of season, making city streets green all year round.  

Now, walking in streets or parks in Lhasa, people can see flowering plant species everywhere, some are withered, some are in full bloom, and some are in bud.  

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