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Zetie, reviving national handicraft in SW China's Tibet

By Megan Source:China Tibet News 2017年04月13日 16:23

"Pulu" is the most representative tranditional fabric variety in Tibet, while Zetie (a kind of pure handmaded wool textile product) is universally acknowledged as the peak of Pulu craftmanship as well as the best of the best. However, its handicraft once bordered on the extinction.

Zetie is a kind of pure handmaded wool textile product only native to Tsetang of Shannan City, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. Besides, it is the most difficult, most exquisite and most compicated in technology.

Zetie is also called "Huaji". With a historyof over one thousand years, it has always been the tranditonal cultural treasure. Pasang, the inheritor of intangible culture heritage, said, “In recent years, Shannan City has been pursuing efforts to rescue, protect, inherit, support and develop the national handicraft arts. Therefore, Zetie has received unprecedented protection and inheritance.

Several years ago, Avan Tsomo, the last inheritor of Zetie was growing old, and the handicraft once bordered on the extinction. The cooperation employed the last inheritor to remake Zetie. The most difficult part is to recall the technological process, since they all had not touched Zetie for several decades. Through a year’s effots, the first Zetie was finially recovered.

After another three years, Pasang started to recruit students and inherit the technologies and skills of weaving. This year, the students have basically grasped the whole technologies and skills. What is more, it realizes small scale production and is listed as one of the regional level intangible cultural heritages.

So far, the ancient handicraft of Zetie has been succussfully saved and revived.

Pasang, the man in charge of the cooperation, said that Zetie is soft in character, distinct in lines, durable and ESD free, therefore it is the first class national artifact that is popular with local people.

Nowadays, Zetie has become a business card of Naidong District. The production and sale has already started, and the social benefit as well as the economic benefit are initially obvious.

In recent years, Shannan City has been continously increasing the efforts of rescuing, protecting, inheriting, supporting and developing the local national handicraft arts. As a result, Zetie, as an important part of the local national handicraft arts, has received good protection, inheritance and development.

“National handicraft arts are priceless treasure. If these tranditional handicrafts disappear beause of our carelessness, it will be a large loss of the human civilization as well as an irreparable regret.” said Pasang, the inheritor of intangible culture heritage as well as person in charge of the cooperation.

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