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China Focus: Experts applaud China's effective counterterrorism efforts

Source:Xinhua 2024-01-27

BEIJING, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- China has made positive contributions to regional and global security and stability through its counterterrorism efforts, said experts when commenting on a new white paper on the topic.

The white paper titled "China's Legal Framework and Measures for Counterterrorism" was released by the State Council Information Office on Tuesday.

The document sums up the principles underlying China's fight against terrorism and the experience gained, demonstrates the effectiveness of the country's law-based counterterrorism efforts, and helps the international community understand the relevant legal framework and measures, according to the experts.

"Compared with previous editions, the latest white paper provides a more comprehensive introduction to China's counterterrorism legal system, such as how power is exercised and human rights safeguarded during the fight," said Li Changlin, a professor at the Human Rights Institute of Southwest University of Political Science and Law.


"By focusing on the legal framework and measures, the white paper underscores the fact that China's counterterrorism efforts consistently operate under the rule of law and are integrated into the country's daily governance," said Yang Haitao, an associate professor at the Criminal Investigation Police University of China.

Thanks to more than four decades of experience, a counterterrorism legal framework based on the Constitution has been gradually formed in China, said the white paper.

In the legal framework, the Counterterrorism Law is the centerpiece, the criminal laws and National Security Law play major roles and other laws serve as supplements, according to the document.

It also covers administrative regulations, judicial interpretations, local regulations, and departmental and local government rules, the document added.

Such a legal framework has yielded a set of experiences in terms of law-based counterterrorism and explored special approaches such as preventive counterterrorism, said Huang Bin, director of the regional counterterrorism research center at Fujian Police College.

As a model that can be used for reference, the legal framework provides a nomological foundation for further international cooperation in counterterrorism, added Huang.


"China respects and protects human rights as an underlying principle in improving its legal framework and practices in the field of counterterrorism," the white paper said.

To effectively prevent and combat terrorist activities is an important aspect of safeguarding human rights, said Yang.

"China's counterterrorism efforts have always adhered to a people-centered approach, placing lives above all else," said Zheng Ruohan, an associate professor at the Human Rights Institute of Southwest University of Political Science and Law.

The country emphasizes safeguarding human rights through combating terrorism and also focuses on ensuring human rights in specific counterterrorism work, according to Zheng.

"Upholding the vision of a global community of shared future, China is willing to work closely with other countries to push forward counterterrorism cause as part of global governance," said the white paper.

"On the basis of equality and respect, China will engage in extensive exchanges, cooperation, and mutual learning to facilitate the global effort to counter terrorism," said the document. 

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