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Cheng Liang: an outstanding aid-Xizang doctor from Guangdong

By Zhi Xinghua, Tenzin Seldron Source:xzxw.com 2024-04-07

Recently, a free training on intervertebral disc disease was held in the Nyingchi People's Hospital, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region. Cheng Liang, the initiator and keynote speaker of the training, comes from Guangdong Orthopaedic Hospital and is a spinal minimally invasive expert among the aid-Xizang medical talents. On the one hand, he wants to provide preventive health care and rehabilitation guidance for patients with neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain through the training. On the other hand, he wants to cultivate local lecturers to normalize the science popularization and reduce the incidence of diseases.

Besides that, how to introduce advanced minimally invasive spinal technology at home and abroad to the local area is also the direction of Cheng Liang's effort. 

With the advantages of high safety and less trauma to the human body, cervical transforaminal endoscopic surgery has become a routine technique in the field of spinal minimally invasive surgery in developed regions of China and the world. However, no such technology had been researched and developed in Nyingchi at that time.

Cheng Liang and his medical team carried out the first cervical intervertebral foramen surgery in Nyingchi People's Hospital, marking a new level of minimally invasive spinal surgery in Nyingchi City, and many patients came for it. According to statistics, within half a year, about 100 such surgeries have been carried out.

Not limited to the outpatient clinic and the operating room, Cheng Liang actively participates in the free clinic activities, provides professional medical services for the local people, and assists the hospital in setting up a spinal diagnosis and treatment system from scratch.

"I really hope to improve the accuracy of diagnosis of spine-related diseases, and train a group of local minimally invasive spinal experts as well,"saidCheng.

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