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Qamdo improves education quality with aid-Xizang talents

By Zhi Xinghua Source:xzxw.com 2024-04-08

In recent years, by taking advantage of aid-Xizang educational talents of Tianjin Municipality, Chongqing Municipality and Fujian Province, and giving full play to the role of demonstration and guidance, the education quality of Qamdo City, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region, has reached a new level.

In 2022, 55 educational talents were carefully selected to provide pairing assistance for schools in Qamdo City. Apart from actively learning about the local situations and completing the teaching tasks, the aid-Xizang talents also carried out a number of teaching and researching activities to promote communications and broaden students' horizons.

In order to better implement the pairing assistance work, 29 schoolmasters and famous teachers from Chongqing Municipality, 9 experts and scholars from Tianjin Normal University, and 11 experts from Fujian Province were successively invited to to carry out teaching activities in Qamdo City.

Through hard work, the student performance of schools at all levels in Qamdo City has been significantly improved.

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