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Wang Jianhua: Devoting to aid-Xizang work with practical actions

By Zhi Xinghua Source:xzxw.com 2024-04-09

In June 2023, Wang Jianhua, a staff from the Department of Justice of Guangdong Province, set foot in Nyingchi, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region, and then carried out assistance work on the rule of law, case editing and so on.

Adapting to plateau environment

Although the altitude of Nyingchi City is relatively low, it is often necessary to climb mountains at an altitude of four to five kilometers to get to the surrounding towns.

At the beginning of his arrival in Nyingchi, Wang Jianhua faced a lot of plateau reactions such as dizziness and tinnitus, and was accompanied by intermittent nasal bleeding and other symptoms. He had to adjust physically and mentally.

However, Wang Jianhua took the initiative to devote himself to the work. "I have consulted the doctor aiding Xizang, and the problem is not serious. Now it is the end of June, and the year 2023 has passed half. I have to work as soon as possible and make due contributions." Wang Jianhua said to his colleagues.

Attaching importance to tangible work

Having worked in grassroots units for many years, Wang Jianhua attached great importance to tangible work.

He devoted himself to work and made a series of documents and case summaries in less than half a year, constantly optimizing business procedures such as governing the city according to law and traffic law enforcement. In the spare time, he also published a number of business articles.

Engaging in intellectual property protection

"I am myself engaged in intellectual property work, so I am familiar with and sensitive to this work." Said Wang Jianhua.

He found in his work that Nyingchi has cordyceps, gastrodia and other local specialty resources. It is urgent to pay attention to how to protect the geographical indications of local specialties and allocate resources reasonably with the force of rule of law. Especially during the period of cordyceps mining, interest disputes and even mutual fights often occur. In order to prevent the occurrence of such incidents and increase the premium of geographical indication brands, Wang Jianhua followed professionals to carry out research in concentrated areas of cordyceps and gastrodia, so as to formulate norms and guidelines for the establishment of people's mediation organizations based on the actual work. Besides, he planned to set up an intellectual property mediation room to promote the standardization of the use of professional geographical indications.

"Working and living at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters for a long time requires gradual physical and psychological adaptation, but the enthusiasm and simplicity of people in Xizang have deeply affected me." Wang Jianhua said. "With the help of colleagues in work and care in life, we have formed a deep 'plateau friendship'."

Working on the plateau left a deep imprint on Wang Jianhua's heart.

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