Emancipated serf Tsering Dekyi: speaking out the kindness of the Communist Party

Tibet: free admission to all public cultural infrastructures

Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has built 692 township-level cultural stations and 39 folk art rehearsal venues until 2014.

Full Text: Fifty Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet

The Information Office of the State Council, or China's cabinet, published a white paper titled "Fifty Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet" here on Monday. Following is the full text:

Historical Records Show Tibet an Inalienable Part of China

Internet broadens horizons for Tibetans

Telemedicine is not a dream any more. Shopping online, running an on-line shop are not new to Tibetans.

30,000-odd talents graduated from inland Tibetan schools over 30 years

It is reported from the education department of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region that

  • Miserable life of serfs in old Tibet
  • New look of Lhasa’s ancient street
  • Great change in Tibetan people’s life
  • Strict hierarchies in old Tibet