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Tibet to build sci-tech innovation center

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2017-02-24

At the moment, Lhasa's sci-tech innovation layout in 13th Five-Year Plan has formed, which focuses on farming and animal husbandry, advantageous industry, ecological protection and people’s livelihood. In terms of Tibetan medicine industry, natural drinking water, smart tourism, ethnic cultural industry, national handicraft and highland urbanization, the key technology and nonprofit technology will be made breakthroughs. At the end of 13th Five-Year Plan, a sci-tech innovation center will be completed. Technological advancement’s contribution to economic development accounts for 45 percent.

A series of science and technology programs such as the molecular breeding and germplasm innovation of highland barely, scientific research of Tibetan medicine and development of solar energy utilization will be thoroughly implemented.

Tibet will actively promote the application of technological advances, especially in the fields of Tibetan medicine, smart tourism, clean energy and national handicraft industry. Research institute, universities and companies are encouraged to accelerate the application of new technology and new products, strengthening the utilization of technical innovation in featured industry.

In addition, Tibet will strengthen the construction of science and technology parks including Nyingchi sustainable development experimental zone and Nagqu national agricultural sci-tech park, and accelerate the application of technological advances.

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