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Tibet makes brilliant achievements in education since Democratic Reform

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019-03-27


Children of the bilingual kindergarten in Drongdul Village in Qonggyai of Shannan City are playing games. [China Tibet News/Phentok, Tang Bin]

Since the Democratic Reform 60 years ago, Tibet has made brilliant achievements in education. The "three guarantees" policy (food, accommodation and basic study expenses) for compulsory education is fully implemented, the 15-year free education policy is constantly improved, bilingual education for pre-school students is widely popularized, and integrated reform and development of urban and rural compulsory education are further pushed forward. In 2018, the gross enrollment rate of preschool education in Tibet reached 77.9%. Education in Tibet is developing rapidly and healthily.

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