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Lhasa invested 6 bln yuan to construct schools

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019-04-15

Lhasa City, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has invested RMB 6 bln to construct over 260 schools at all levels over the past 6 years, improving school conditions remarkably, according to the Lhasa Municipal Education Bureau. 

By 2019, Lhasa has 342 schools at all levels, with over 138,000 students and 11,000 faculty members. Considering education as the biggest people's livelihood project, the city has made great efforts in the construction of schools, and investment in education, institutional innovation and team building in recent years.

Over the past 6 years, based on the improvement of teachers, Lhasa has added more than 3,800 teachers and introduced over 500 talents. Besides, an average annual of RMB 10 mln has been poured into the training for teachers and the study of teaching. 12mln yuan RMB has been used to commend excellent teachers and teams every year.

In 2018, Lhasa's senior high education gross enrollment rate has reached 91%, higher than the national average. The enrollment rate college entrance exam has stood at 96.51 %.

Lhasa has solved the decentralized and low-quality education problems. Now, institutions of higher learning, senior vocational schools, senior high schools and special education schools are all located in the downtown. It has at least one middle school in each county, one primary school in each town, and one kindergarten in each village. The schooling plan becomes more rational and practical.

In addition, Lhasa has introduced 351 aid-Tibet teachers and administrative staffsfrom other provinces over the past 5 years, benefiting 11 schools. Beijing and Jiangsu Province invested a total of 1.44 bln yuan RMB in aiding Tibet.     

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