Tourism booms in Xizang
As the weather gets warmer, the tourism market of Xizang Autonomous Region is also booming, with the number of tourists in major tourist attractions increasing significantly.
"Holiday economy" shows new vitality
During the Tomb-Sweeping holiday, the consumption demand for viewing the flowers, going outing, enjoying delicious food and so on is strong.


View of snow mountains in Xizang
This photo shows a view of snow mountains in Banbar County of Qamdo, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region, March 28, 2024.
Spring scenery of Great Wall in N China's Hebei
The spring scenery at the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall is pictured in Luanping County, north China's Hebei Province, April 6, 2024.


Fuzhou-Matsu ship routes boosted: four daily arrivals and departures
The passenger ship routes between Fuzhou, Fujian province, and Matsu, Taiwan, have been increased from the previous "two arrivals and two departures" daily schedule to a new "four arrivals and four departures" schedule, starting from Monday. On the inaugural day of the updated schedule, 229 passengers traveled on the routes.
More flights take off under bilateral pact
Both countries are making efforts to gradually restore air travel by increasing the frequency of direct passenger flights, which were interrupted by COVID-19.


Holidaymakers choose short trips amid outbreak of virus
ocal tours are the most popular option for the upcoming Qingming Festival holiday on April 3-5, as travelers have shortened the radius of their travel to reduce risk amid the pandemic, business insiders said.
3-day holiday bolsters domestic tourism market
The just-concluded Qingming Festival holiday proved to be a boon for the tourism industry in the country with both the number of travelers and tourism revenue soaring as people made the most of the short break.