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Photos of fascinating Ngari

Source:Ngari Tourism, xzxw.com 2022-11-30


(Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua,Nyima Dorgye) Ngari Prefecture in southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region boasts a vast and magnificent land with a long history of ancient culture.

At least 4,000 years ago, the tolerant culture of Xiangxiong, which originated in Ngari, deeply influenced much of Asia. After that, the Guge Dynasty was constructed on the site of Xiangxiong Ancient Country.

Time flies, today's Ngari is like a pearl on the roof of the world shining and dancing, attracting the eyes of the world.

Now let's follow the lens of a local photographer to see the unique charm of Ngari.

Long history of civilization in Ngari

The Xiangquan River, which originates from the foot of Gangdise, nurtures ancient civilization with one hand and shapes magnificent landscape with the other. The Zada soil forest in the valley of the Xiangquan River, is mighty and bold, with ancient castles scattered in it. Xiangquan River Basin is the most important birthplace of ancient civilization in western Xizang. The famous Xiangxiong ancient country and Guge Dynasty in history all built splendid cultures around this basin.


Blood vessel of the earth


The town of Zada surrounded by soil forest


Guge, the king's palace on the cliff 


Guge's starry sky


Skyfall Tower at Tolin Temple


The magical Zada soil forest, paintings on the earth


The magical Zada soil forest, paintings on the earth


The magical Zada soil forest, paintings on the earth


The magical Zada soil forest, paintings on the earth


The magical Zada soil forest, paintings on the earth


The magical Zada soil forest, paintings on the earth

Ecological Ngari, endless succession on the earth

In October 2020, Ngari successfully established a national demonstration area for ecological progress.The population of most protected species in Ngari showed remarkable recovery growth.The everlasting "roof of the world", is one of the best ecological environmental quality areas in the country, is our country and even Asia's important ecological security barrier. Mountains and rivers, the joy of life, the harmonious picture of man and nature, slowly unfolded in Ngari.

Xizang Partridge Perdix hodgsoniaes

Xizang wild donkeys

Xizang hare

Naive groundhogs

Birds on Ganima Bird Island, Jada Qulong Village 

Cultural inheritance,more alive and valuable after long time

In today's Ngari, people live and work in peace and contentment. The ancient culture, with its enduring charm, radiates more dazzling brilliance. In celebration or leisure, in villages or schools, people dance in local style and sing local songs. The magnificent peacock costume from the Xiangxiong attracts people's attention. Tradition and modernity are combined, while nationality and fashion are integrated.


Happiness and inheritance


Walking toward from Xiangxiong


Children in Xuan costume 


Xuan Dance of Diya


Peacock costume in Burang


A photographer in light and shadow


Figures under sunset




A herdswoman in Ge'gyai


To the new era


Nyima Dorgye: Member of Xizang Photographers Association, contracted photographer of Xinhua News Agency Xizang Branch, contracted photographer of Vision China, student of Xizang Ngari Xiangxiong Memory Lecture Hall, member of Ngari Photographers Association, Aviation major (First Class pilot) of China Air Transport Association, one of the founders of Zhuimeng Guge Photography Club.

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