Regional-level museum association inaugurated in Xizang
A regional-level museum association was inaugurated Saturday in Lhasa, the capital of southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region.
Xizang launches pilot work for cultural relics census
Significant cultural discoveries have been made in Maldrogungkar county in Lhasa, capital of the Xizang autonomous region, with 54 cultural relic sites identified since 2012 comprising ancient ruins and buildings, tombs, grotto temples and stone carvings, according to the regional cultural heritage bureau.


Tibetan folk dance unites youth with charm
While square dancing is a popular pastime for seniors across much of China, in the southwestern Xizang Autonomous Region, young people are fervently embracing their heritage, amidst the stunning backdrop of traditional Tibetan folk dance, Guozhuang.
Master of Crafts | Yearender: Intangible cultural heritages - Charm of Chinese culture in the new era
China, with a history of over 5,000 years, has cultivated numerous intangible cultural heritages that embody the wisdom of the Chinese nation, which also consolidate the self-confidence in its people.


Zhanang's Pulu shows unique charm
Recently, costumes adorned with Xizang elements were showcased at China International Fashion Week in Beijing.
Traditional fashion meets modern design in Tibet
A fashion show featuring traditional Tibetan clothing is held in Gyalze county in the Tibet autonomous region on Sept 17, 2023, combining traditional Tibetan clothing and modern design.


3 more Chinese items inscribed on UNESCO Memory of the World regional register
Three items from China have been listed as documentary heritage on the Asia Pacific regional register of UNESCO's Memory of the World (MOW) Programme, the National Archives Administration of China said Thursday.
China's Xizang commends craftspeople of 2023
Southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region awarded the title "Tibetan Craftsperson of 2023" to eight individuals on Wednesday.