China Focus: Tibet embraces new opportunities brought by Belt and Road Initiative

Experts and scholars discussed Tibet’s role in Belt & Road

On the morning of June 14, the 2019 · Forum on the Development of Tibet China, hosted by the State Council Information Office and the people's government of Tibet Autonomous Region,was opened in L...

China Focus: Tibet to further open up

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region will further open itself up and intensify international exchanges and cooperation, chairman of the regional government Qizhala said Friday.

Forum History

       Forum on Development of China's Tibet aims to promote the world's understanding of the real situation in Tibet and enhance the cooperation between China and the rest of the world with regards to Tibet's development.The latest one will be held in Lhasa, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region in June 2019.【specific】

Tibet's history during Tang Dynasty

The Tibetan ethnic group living on the Tibetan Plateau has close links with the Chinese nation, no matter in blood relationship, culture, economics, or in religion and history.

Tibet to host development forum

The Forum on the Development of Tibet, China will be held on Friday in the regional capital Lhasa.

China's 1st Tibetan incense experience space launched in Tibet

Recently, the opening ceremony of Tibetan incense experience space has been officially launched in Tibet.

Snow leopards' image captured in Tibet's Nakartse

Around 18:00 of Feb. 28, a film crew has come across and taken photos of 3 snow leopards in a mountain about 5200m altitude in Tibet’s Nakartse County, which is the first time that snow leopards’ image captured by hd equipments in Tibet.

Chengguan preschool teacher training base established

Chengguan Government has been devoting great effort to construct public preschools and ensure its children receive better education.

Tibetan people sing and dance on happy life

Qamdo's highland barley industry promotes poverty alleviation

Bainang: Chinese wolfberry industry helps villagers increase income

Gonjo expands sheep industry to increase people's income