Foreigners embrace traditional Chinese culture during Dragon Boat Festival
Originating in China thousands of years ago, the Dragon Boat Festival, which commemorates the Chinese patriotic poet Qu Yuan (about 340 BC-278 BC) on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month of the Chinese calendar, has now become a national holiday.
Villagers work at salt pans in SW China's Tibet
Aerial photo taken on May 26, 2022 shows villagers working at the salt pans in Naxi Township of Mangkam County


Traditional fashion meets modern design in Tibet
A fashion show featuring traditional Tibetan clothing is held in Gyalze county in the Tibet autonomous region on Sept 17, 2023, combining traditional Tibetan clothing and modern design.
GLOBALink | Vlog: Exploring charm of Tibetan clothing in Lhasa
Stylish, colorful, with intricate embroidery, the ever-evolving Tibetan costume is a heritage of its rich culture, and more importantly, a witness to the change of the times.


Reporters from home and abroad impressed by Tibetan culture
A group of 20 journalists from 15 media groups visited Lhasa and experienced the charm of traditional Tibetan culture.
Preserving the threatened art of saddlebag making
Saddlemaking of this sort is a form of local intangible cultural heritage in this part of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. In recent decades, it reached the brink of extinction, but now the local authorities are working hard to preserve it.