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Nagqu folk song: Layi

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016年12月28日 15:49


Nyima Lhamo, inheritor of Layi folk song, is singing Layi.

Layi is a kind of love folk song art that is popular in Tibet's Nagqu Prefecture as well as Tibetan inhabited regions in Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan Province.

Layi is rich in variety and quantity. Its content involves love and all aspects of life. There are certain programs for a complete song. The tune is diversified in accordance with different territories.

With a long history, Layi is an oral history that reflects the birth, migration, labor and existence of north and east Tibet. It synchronizes with the development process of Tibetan nationality, bears the national creativity and inspiration, and is meaningful to the study of anthropology,  ethnology and folklore. In addition, Layi not only highlights distinctive regional features and unique artistic style, but also reflects the unique and important cultural value with its abundant form.

In 2006, Layi was included in the first batch of Tibet Autonomous Region level intangible cultural heritage list. In 2014, it is included in the the fourth batch of national level intangible cultural heritage list.

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