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Prosperous development of folk art in Tibet

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017年06月20日 10:00


Actors of the folk art troupe of Tingri County are having physique training in the  rehearsal room. [China Tibet News/Kelsang Jigme]

The folk art troupes are important backbone forces for Tibet's primary-level cultural undertakings. They are also key working teams to enrich farmers and herdsmen's spiritual and cultural life, develop socialist culture and ethics in agricultural and pastoral areas, and promote social harmony and stability.

The party committee and government of Tibet Autonomous Region have always paid high attention to the construction and development of folk art troupes, and have drawn out a series of important policies and measures, vigorously promoting the construction of county (district) level folk art troupes and driving the prosperous development of grass-roots literature and art. In 2014, Tibet realized the goal of having folk art troupes in all 74 counties (districts) ahead of schedule.

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