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7th Tibetan Thangka Art Fair kicked off

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017年12月25日 10:00

Recently, the 7th Tibetan Thangka Art Fair was kicked off in Lhasa City and 136 Thangka painters took part in this activity.

In comparison with previous sessions, this Tibetan Thangka Art Fair made some adjustments for the formation of question bank, the rules of drawing up the theme, and the form of examination. Therefore, Thangka painters taking part in this activity can better master and apply relevant theoretical knowledge.

Previously held Tibetan Thangka Art Fairs have laid a foundation for the development of Thangka industry. Besides, they played an important role in inheriting and carrying forward excellent traditional culture and art, expanding the team of Tibet's Thangka artists, exploring the development path of the industrialization of Thangka art, and accelerating the transformation of Thangka art from cultural resources into actual productivity.

Firstly held in 2010, now there are 4 Thangka painters that have been rewarded as "maestros of Tibetan Thangka art" and 99 Thangka painters that have been rewarded as Tibet Autonomous Region level Thanka painters. Besides, these Tibetan Thangka Art Fairs have received more than 800,000 visitors from home and abroad.

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