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Tibetan and Chinese calligraphy competition and exhibition held in Tibet

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018年02月06日 10:20

On February 1, the Tibetan and Chinese calligraphy competition and exhibition for Tibet's primary and middle school teachers was held in the Tibet Mass Art Gallery. This activity was jointly hosted by the Cultural Department and Education Department of Tibet Autonomous Region.

This activity aimed to publicize and carry forward outstanding traditional cultural treasures, set up a communication platform for primary and middle school teachers, fully demonstrate the calligraphy skills and good mental outlook of teachers, and promote the calligraphy teaching level.

412 pieces of calligraphy works were collected for this competition. After open and fair selection and evaluation, 114 pieces of works won the exhibition qualification, among which 64 pieces of works won awards. These excellent works will be exhibited in the Tibet Mass Art Gallery for 5 days. People who like calligraphy can go to the exhibition.

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