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Traditional fun activities held in Tibet to celebrate the New Year

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018年02月26日 10:16


On February 19, villagers are taking part in the "Duoguo" game. [Photo/China Tibet News/Li Zhou]

During the Spring Festival and Tibetan New Year period, all kinds of traditional fun activities are held in Tibet to celebrate the two festivals. "Duoguo" means beating the horn with stone in Tibetan Language and it is one of the most unique celebrations.

On February 19, the fourth day of the Tibetan New Year, the "Duoguo" game was held in the eighth team of Lin'a Village, Bangdui Town, Dagze District, Lhasa City. By tradition, the male master of each household should take part in the game, while women will offer highland barley wine to men who hit the horn, which means good luck in the coming year.

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