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Tibet builds 1st original ecology Tibetan music database

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017年06月23日 09:47

To protect and inherit Tibetan music and dance, for the first time, Tibet collects, sorts out, and digitizes Tibetan folk music, court music, Tibetan opera and Buddhism music, and builds the original ecology Tibetan music database, which not only drives the cultural inheritance and protection work, but also creates a complete industrial chain that integrates excellent Tibetan music experience, issue, and derivative product development and transaction.

Though there are a variety of music genres in Tibet, published audio and video products are unsystematic. To fully show, effectively protect, and comprehensively carry forward Tibetan music culture,Tibet Tianli Economic and Cultural Development Co. LTD. takes several years to collect, record, and sort out various types of music and dance in whole Tibet. In this process, it finds that many folk songs and dances are passed down by word of mouth. Though some rescue work has been done, the inheritance work is difficult to guarantee. To solve this problem, the company sets up the "Snow-land Music Website". With the goal of perfecting Tibetan classical music library and folk music database, this music website classifies and sorts out various excellent music resources in Tibet. The original ecology Tibetan music database is an important part of the "Snow-land Music Website".

Taking various kinds of Tibetan audio and video products as display and record tools is meaningful to promote the propagation of Tibetan culture and the comprehensive development of Tibetan cultural industry.

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