Aid-Xizang program turns traditional village into a popular tourism town

Medical team from Zibo arrived in Angren, Xigaze

Recently, the sixth batch of aid-Xizang medical team from Zibo, Shandong Province, arrived in Angren County, Xigaze City, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region.

Free clinic activity carried out in Zhanang County

Recently, a free clinic activity was jointly carried out by the Central Hospital of Zhanang County, the Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Shannan City and the 10th batch of aid-Xizang medical team from Hunan Province, providing professional training and on-site guidance to medical personnel in Zhanang.

Guangdong's pairing assistance boosts Xizang's development

The young need to cultivate personal traits for jobs

China to invest heavily in Xizang's development in 2024

Communist Party of China Policies on the Governance of Xizang in the New Era: Approach and Achievements (November 2023)

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Liu Yang: Interpreting the beauty of Xizang with painting

In 2016, Liu Yang came to Xizang as an aid-Xizang teacher and became an art teacher at Lhasa Middle School for one year.


Wang Jianhua: Devoting to aid-Xizang work with practical actions

In June 2023, Wang Jianhua, a staff from the Department of Justice of Guangdong Province, set foot in Nyingchi, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region, and then carried out assistance work on the rule of law, case editing and so on.


Cheng Liang: an outstanding aid-Xizang doctor from Guangdong

Recently, a free training on intervertebral disc disease was held in the Nyingchi People's Hospital, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region.


Xiamen gives Xizang a healthier outlook

In 2016, Fujian province established a partnership with Chamdo to aid its development. Cities from Fujian began offering one-on-one assistance to counties in Chamdo, and among them, Xiamen paired with Zogang.


Villagers in Xizang resettled to improve living standard

Qamdo improves education quality with aid-Xizang talents

Xizang strives to improve agricultural mechanization

Xizang publishes statistics on economic and livelihood advancements